Choosing Medicare Insurance in Greater Philadelphia area

Choosing Medicare Insurance in PhiladelphiaHow Medicare Insurance Plans Work

Medicare is different from the health insurance you have had most of your life. Because Medicare is run by the Federal government it has many rules for every possible situation, making it confusing. Adding to the confusion, Medicare allows the private insurance industry to offer many different plans and benefits. No one likes confusion, but having more choices of plans and benefits is always a plus because no one is the same when it comes to their health needs, budget, and what gives them “peace of mind”.

Choosing the Best Medical & Drug Plans for You

The old saying “You get what you pay for,” is usually true but isn’t necessarily true when choosing a Medicare plan. Buying the most expensive Medical & Drug plans with the well-known companies (who we also represent) does not necessarily mean you now have the best insurance coverage and it certainly does not mean you got the best rate. We recommend an independent voice that will make sure you understand what the important differences are when comparing plans. That’s where we come in…

Using An Independent Insurance Agent

Our sole purpose in existing is to make sure that you get the very best medical and drug plans available. Your insurance should fit the coverage, benefits, and cost that you are comfortable with. But, who understands the lingo found in insurance brochures? We do! Plus, we save our new and current clients thousands of dollars every year in premiums and other “out of pocket” costs.

We do this by:

  • understanding all types of health insurance
  • investing time in learning about your unique need
  • having access to all the plans available to you
  • constantly evaluating the healthcare insurance market

Everybody’s health situation and insurance needs are different. We customize a complete Supplement package for you with the best Medical & Drug plans that will fit all of your needs perfectly.

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